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I travel with a concubine of conjunctions

Poetic polygamy

Words fucking words birthing verses endlessly

Hex ya ears

Vex the simple minded

Oh, don’t mind him he’s just G’in off

Showin’ em all how the gloves came off and dropped love in one round

Duck down

This a warm gun blast

Think fast

It gets better for veterans

We turn our experiences into advent horizons

In bars we gather bars from emotions exploidin’

Birthing poets armed with mass destruction weapons

Our little bad ass offspring

Raising verses

Avoiding curses

Fuck cursive we left right a long time ago

Wrong or right; right or wrong the world may never know

Fore to score the will of man scripts psalm worthy inventions that shape mankind

Writing words that trace the skylines

Manifested dreams once unseen to the common eye

Wells up from the mind and life springs from our foot steps

We stain pages with bloody tears

Listening for our names while grasping to deep breaths

Seeking solace in prsymatic dreams to temporarily escape fears

One mo’ shot and I’m outta here

I’m talkin’ gone

Hey! What you got on my imagination station?


Words are wasted
Filling space with soulless lies to pass the time

Tearing holes in the very fabric of time

To realign truth to self serving desires and dark designs

Creation as pastime for fools splitting air to spill ill will on thirsty ears

Desperate to drown the silence that fear breeds in

Filling bellies with distorted perception; bastard conception unwed to meaning

Leaving just the feeling; the sensation of… releasing

Mis-presenting folly as favor is the curse by design

Exchange Your sorrows for Mine and these demons pass on down the line

Fabled immortal life possesing bodies, invading minds

What one seeks He shall surely find

Naively unaware the prices are too high

Play With Time; Pay With Life

Is the only Law we find in wasting words.