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Seek Me Where The Ocean Meets The Sky
In That Place Where Eyes Give Way To Imagination
And Creation Is Appreciated For The Art That It Truly Is
Music Is Found In The Frequency Of Harmony
And We All Sing Together In The Key Of Life
Never Worrying Or Wondering
Simply Confident That We Are Sailing To Peace

Yes Seek Me There Where Meteors Shower And Stars Flower Into Supernovas
Fore Our Sun Is A Mere One Amoung Many
All Connected By Rivers And Oceans Out In Space
Let Us Sail Away Until Our Milky Way Is A Cloud On A Horizon
Raining Down Infinite Limitless Possibilities

Oh Won’t You Come With Me Where Earth Meets Air
And The Waters Of Nebulae Cool Our Fires
Igniting Our Eternal Flame





I… am a nerd
But what else would you have me do
Knowledge of Self is hidden in these books
Just takes time to read them through

Skimming through Man’s words
Extracting God’s commands for day-to-day living
These complicated instructions on how not to offend
The proper approach to bring peace and reciprocity in every situation

Might have to ponder a symbol for days
Look at in several different ways
Examining every angle and interpretation takes time
Time I choose to spend pondering principle meanings of life

Some say its time I’m wasting
I say it takes time contemplating complex computations
See I’m studying our mutation from Maat to materialism
Seeking wisdom from sages who stained pages so that I may Know Them
And through Them May Man Know Thyself and knowledge of God’s wealth

Overstand Our spirit has lived as both pauper and prince
A massive circle with no end
The universe swirls as its inhabitants swirl and swim
We’ve been fighting for survival since our conception
Our very first perception of victory was Life itself
A topic seldom discussed and hard to understand
However let me explain…

Matter is neither created nor destroyed
So our energy is simply being shaken and stirred
And of course I’d make a movie reference
I told you I was a nerd looking beyond the words
Seeking instead the passage of time

A passion I’ve developed that’s enveloped my mind
So when I speak I tend to rhyme at times
You may even find a friend and I engaged in spontaneous song and dance
It is just who I Am
A mere man sending praises to God through deeds and diligence

Fore We will be judged in the End
Pleading God Forgive My Sins
Will You be found foe?
In order be called Friend
We hold our order in peacetime
That we may be prepared for war
Ready to repair what damage is done

WE are the ones who stand and fight
We protect and serve our plight
Our very human right to survive
And survive we will
Seeking not to kill yet always ready to defend
When words are spoken proper that we may understand
The message sent is from Brother and Friend

Meant not to offend
And upon reaching destination disseminate information through a chain of command
That All May Overstand
And WE Stand Together As ONE



I am N O T a poet

And I’m probably N O T gonna ‘like’ this facebook post

I D O N T care to ‘r e b l o g’ or ‘s h a r e’ it

And I care N O T to ‘c o m m e n t’

Cause I lost a ‘f r i e n d’ yesterday

And what would c o u n t 4 water works

Seeps deep into this L C D

Leaving U N repairable

U N replacable D A M A G E

So its fairly obvious I’m hurting

But I swear I’ll n e v e r tell

See my h ea r t 

as you w e l l  know

s h h h h

s w o r e me to s e c r e c y a long time ago

And I’ll pluck it O U T before I 

Let Y o u (Or anyone else for that matter)

Compromise M y integrity

Although I W I L L admit 

I s h o u l d have read the fine print

Before I s i g n e d and f i l l e d out

Only to end up e m p t y inside

Leaving Me to lament on a ‘s m a r t p h o n e’

‘C u t and P a st e’ to an email

’S e n d’ to a blog

That will ‘t w e e t’ it and ‘p o s t’ it

Dispersing my ‘N O T-s o-w e l l-h ea r t’ to the W o r l d W i d e W e b

Now the ‘s p a c e s’ in between that were once so filled with L O V E

Are now l o c k e d far far away 

Encryped and password protected

Behind a firewall that keeps the hackers O U T

You c a n t know My s e c r e t s

i r e f u s e to ‘share’ them

But I’ll w r a p them in A R T and watch as generations t r y and decipher them

I just w o n t ‘L I K E’ it

Cause I lost a f r i e n d yesterday

And if T H I S kind of P A I N makes ‘A R T’

You Can HAVE It …

… And You Betta R E A D it before I ‘R E M O V E’ it