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I often say that Bird speaks to me, and then some strange thing like his Granddaughter shows up at my door. “Oh You Know Charlie Parker’s Granddaughter?!” “Does She Play?!” lol No but she does poetry…


Do Ya Thing Homie! Much Love #ase

“Dear Mr Prezident:
We need to have a conversation about the situation that your administration is causing to add to the frustration of me…JAH’s creation. what i propose is an investigation into your legislation to find out why there is such procrastination on the liberation of my people from your domination. i also believe it’s high time for the renovation of your indoctrination, without the replication of the meditation that it’s all about the corporation. our illumination allows us to see your determination to have us in a state of retardation for the instigation of our cooperation…but you offer no REAL compensation, except, the allegation you give n the aggravation you get cuz we REFUSE to go into a mental hibernation. and regardless of our penetration, the saturation of our thoughts to your mind fails cuz your head is hard like the shell of a crustaecean…and your lack of innovation on our HUMAN rights requires some real deliberation. my inclination is that your contemplation does as much good for me as your masturbation, and your flirtation wit the filtration of my peoples’ quality of life will lead to the incubation of warrior people to bring about the menstruation of ALL who OPPRESS, and you’ll then need your litigation skills for your vindication, but there will be NO arbitration, cuz out consternation is greater than the syndication of all you HATERS, and you’ll face all manner of liquidation as the price for your attempts at our destruction. and your ONLY route to avoid more retaliation and move toward restoration…is for YOU mr president to FREE THE MUTHAFUKIN NATION!!!”



Fire & Ice

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What can you really say you hate?
                  Life and living leads to hate
And war
                  So warriors must follow
At war the world will kill
                  And take the life
Of the living
                  Living quietly and completely
Completely lost in ignorance
                  Blissfully dying inside their love
Holding close to bullsh!t beliefs
                  Not knowing, never knowing
Faith has to suffice 
                  And at the end of a life
Living blindly
                  Living in love of ignorance
Hating truth
                   Because truth leads to lies
Exposing their lives
                As a lie
So I hate
                   I hate it all
But love is worth it all
                   To love is to truly live
Some truth really exists
                   Right there in bliss
Blissfully knowing the attraction between
                   Energy released and received
Connecting and creating
                   Is our resilience against the lies
Denying the world its right to exploit
                   Because I do because I want to
I love from love’s source
Inside of us
                   Truth in relation to harmony
Balanced by the hand
                   Of the master technician
Moving our soul back
                    Returning to one



We are here for but a season
A season come to pass
We some ballers on this court
If he runnin point
Ima Power Forward
Now get back on “D”
See rebels run and gun
Pop in full clip and this militia’s ready
Moment’s Notice
You may have noticed
We some real Gang Starrs round here
Constantly seeking wisdom from the Gurus
Study ancient texts till we personifying Heru
You Set?!
I Defeated You
All Praises Due
Till the end
Where it begins again
We’re essentially just playing pick up games with friends
So when one game ends another begins
We just play the hand we’re dealt
Man these jokers are wild
Knaves will cut your throat, jack
No hearts at all
Now you can play the ace if you must
But I done told you black
I’m cuttin’ that
Sorry those are the odds
They rise and they fall
And to the victor goes the spoils
I mean we all just tryna balance the scales
And live a life we can regal to the young
Catch them before this world makes them cold and numb
And they renege
Cause ain’t no take backs
So gimmie that
Surprise Surprise a pop quiz in class
Close the text books
Enter apprentice to learn to craft these words that awaken the One’s path
Revealing the Kings and Queens
At Last
So Shall It Be


I travel with a concubine of conjunctions

Poetic polygamy

Words fucking words birthing verses endlessly

Hex ya ears

Vex the simple minded

Oh, don’t mind him he’s just G’in off

Showin’ em all how the gloves came off and dropped love in one round

Duck down

This a warm gun blast

Think fast

It gets better for veterans

We turn our experiences into advent horizons

In bars we gather bars from emotions exploidin’

Birthing poets armed with mass destruction weapons

Our little bad ass offspring

Raising verses

Avoiding curses

Fuck cursive we left right a long time ago

Wrong or right; right or wrong the world may never know

Fore to score the will of man scripts psalm worthy inventions that shape mankind

Writing words that trace the skylines

Manifested dreams once unseen to the common eye

Wells up from the mind and life springs from our foot steps

We stain pages with bloody tears

Listening for our names while grasping to deep breaths

Seeking solace in prsymatic dreams to temporarily escape fears

One mo’ shot and I’m outta here

I’m talkin’ gone

Hey! What you got on my imagination station?



With this pencil I testify
I confess my sins
Lord forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done
Bless this troubled mind of mine
With this pen I thee wed
It and my mind are one
Through your eyes capture my emotions
Witness the birth of creativity
This pen is my friend
The offspring of this pen and my mind console me
Its gives me outlet
It let’s me be me
At times its my enemy
Needlessly exposing my faults
Forcing me to confront my fears
Taunting me with my insecurites
This flint is black like my heart
Revealing what I allow it to reveal
Its rouge hides my mistakes
Yet leaves everlasting reminders
This wooden god
I thank it for freeing me
All hail your beauty
You save us from insanity
Straight the path
Narrow the way
This is my release
My way to pray -11|19|2002


The corporate monster is chasing you,
Chasing down your dreams and aspirations,
Aspiring to kill your “American dream”,
Though it seems,
Nightmares form from dreams,
Raising the degrees,
And the heat is on,
So Flee,
You can hide behind institutions of higher learning,
Praying for higher earnings,
Leap political pit falls,
Dive into legal loop-poles,
Where the monster waits for you,
Eyes are watching you,
Opportune moment,
Feed on you,
Venomous sting,
Leaves body paralized,
Their grand design realized…
Uncle Sam’s pet has you.



I Desire to Kiss HER WiLDLY as if I hadn’t seen HER in Many days | And after As Many nights without, My N E E D For HER takes over My senses | And as the Sensation inspires Me to eloquently pen THiS rememberance | I humbly allow the Experience to delve Deep into Where My PASSION For HER resides | Breathing Deeply as formless faces gravitate Together |Blurring as Unbridled Intimacy sweeps through Our bodies | Taking US | To THERE | Where monsterous nightmares grow from the kind of darkness that Only THIS Kind of Tender Devotion can Cause to Shine | »H E R E « | Where Our eyes have met and Our lips exchange hellos and goodbyes | [ S E E ] There Is ONE Thing that They KNOW | THiS Moment was inevitable | The day when they would touch | And caress | And BE in the Same Space was coming in TRUTH | Now WE are Sharing a Moment that Time | Nor Distance in Space can take from US | HERE Our [ P E A C E ] with it All abounds | Because No OFF switch to THiS exsists | THiS iS US | I Only Kiss HER ‘Goodbye’ | Until the next ‘Hello’ … | …WE are Entangled | Body | Mind | And Soul | And Somewhere Vibrating Between H E R E AND T H E R E | WE are Kissing | Wildly and Passionatelty Remembering as if Time itself had stood still | So if You desire My affection You are forced to compete | And the TellAll | I Told Yall | Is »H E R E « | Where Our lips meet | please, speak easy to gain entry | [ P E A C E ]