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Now, I Love You….

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Words! Inspired To Rhyme
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Cloudy Sky Spies Rays Of Sunshine
Sun Set To Rise Again
Today Im Remembering Way Back When
And Then It Hit Me
Too Much Time Worrying And Wondering
Will Leave You Presently Bumbling
So Human Being Be Free
Of Mind Body And Soul
Cold From The Cares Of This World
Warm Beside The Sacred Fire
Standing Grounded As Breezes Wisp Around Us
I Have A New Found Love Of



I travel with a concubine of conjunctions

Poetic polygamy

Words fucking words birthing verses endlessly

Hex ya ears

Vex the simple minded

Oh, don’t mind him he’s just G’in off

Showin’ em all how the gloves came off and dropped love in one round

Duck down

This a warm gun blast

Think fast

It gets better for veterans

We turn our experiences into advent horizons

In bars we gather bars from emotions exploidin’

Birthing poets armed with mass destruction weapons

Our little bad ass offspring

Raising verses

Avoiding curses

Fuck cursive we left right a long time ago

Wrong or right; right or wrong the world may never know

Fore to score the will of man scripts psalm worthy inventions that shape mankind

Writing words that trace the skylines

Manifested dreams once unseen to the common eye

Wells up from the mind and life springs from our foot steps

We stain pages with bloody tears

Listening for our names while grasping to deep breaths

Seeking solace in prsymatic dreams to temporarily escape fears

One mo’ shot and I’m outta here

I’m talkin’ gone

Hey! What you got on my imagination station?



I Desire to Kiss HER WiLDLY as if I hadn’t seen HER in Many days | And after As Many nights without, My N E E D For HER takes over My senses | And as the Sensation inspires Me to eloquently pen THiS rememberance | I humbly allow the Experience to delve Deep into Where My PASSION For HER resides | Breathing Deeply as formless faces gravitate Together |Blurring as Unbridled Intimacy sweeps through Our bodies | Taking US | To THERE | Where monsterous nightmares grow from the kind of darkness that Only THIS Kind of Tender Devotion can Cause to Shine | »H E R E « | Where Our eyes have met and Our lips exchange hellos and goodbyes | [ S E E ] There Is ONE Thing that They KNOW | THiS Moment was inevitable | The day when they would touch | And caress | And BE in the Same Space was coming in TRUTH | Now WE are Sharing a Moment that Time | Nor Distance in Space can take from US | HERE Our [ P E A C E ] with it All abounds | Because No OFF switch to THiS exsists | THiS iS US | I Only Kiss HER ‘Goodbye’ | Until the next ‘Hello’ … | …WE are Entangled | Body | Mind | And Soul | And Somewhere Vibrating Between H E R E AND T H E R E | WE are Kissing | Wildly and Passionatelty Remembering as if Time itself had stood still | So if You desire My affection You are forced to compete | And the TellAll | I Told Yall | Is »H E R E « | Where Our lips meet | please, speak easy to gain entry | [ P E A C E ]