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The Beginning

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Uncategorized
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It’s a story all about Love & Healing and it is My pleasure to Share it w/ You!!!

“In the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love and only love, can heal brokenness” Christopher Poindexter

A Love Healing

“In the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love and only love, can heal brokenness” Christopher Poindexter

Humans are not made to be alone. Regardless of your religious beliefs, whether Christian, Muslim, Spiritualism, Wiccan, etc. you find that people were created to interact and be loved by other people. In some religions and cultures, it is a physical need only, in others, it is a spiritual need. One thing is for sure: We all want to be loved.

I am writing and sharing this blog to help others who have come from a background of searching for love in all the wrong places come to an understanding of their need to be loved. I will also to share with you all how life has changed now that I have found a love that transcends distance and time and heals me. I pray that each of you…

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Now, I Love You….

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Words! Inspired To Rhyme
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Cloudy Sky Spies Rays Of Sunshine
Sun Set To Rise Again
Today Im Remembering Way Back When
And Then It Hit Me
Too Much Time Worrying And Wondering
Will Leave You Presently Bumbling
So Human Being Be Free
Of Mind Body And Soul
Cold From The Cares Of This World
Warm Beside The Sacred Fire
Standing Grounded As Breezes Wisp Around Us
I Have A New Found Love Of

Fire & Ice

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What can you really say you hate?
                  Life and living leads to hate
And war
                  So warriors must follow
At war the world will kill
                  And take the life
Of the living
                  Living quietly and completely
Completely lost in ignorance
                  Blissfully dying inside their love
Holding close to bullsh!t beliefs
                  Not knowing, never knowing
Faith has to suffice 
                  And at the end of a life
Living blindly
                  Living in love of ignorance
Hating truth
                   Because truth leads to lies
Exposing their lives
                As a lie
So I hate
                   I hate it all
But love is worth it all
                   To love is to truly live
Some truth really exists
                   Right there in bliss
Blissfully knowing the attraction between
                   Energy released and received
Connecting and creating
                   Is our resilience against the lies
Denying the world its right to exploit
                   Because I do because I want to
I love from love’s source
Inside of us
                   Truth in relation to harmony
Balanced by the hand
                   Of the master technician
Moving our soul back
                    Returning to one



I Desire to Kiss HER WiLDLY as if I hadn’t seen HER in Many days | And after As Many nights without, My N E E D For HER takes over My senses | And as the Sensation inspires Me to eloquently pen THiS rememberance | I humbly allow the Experience to delve Deep into Where My PASSION For HER resides | Breathing Deeply as formless faces gravitate Together |Blurring as Unbridled Intimacy sweeps through Our bodies | Taking US | To THERE | Where monsterous nightmares grow from the kind of darkness that Only THIS Kind of Tender Devotion can Cause to Shine | »H E R E « | Where Our eyes have met and Our lips exchange hellos and goodbyes | [ S E E ] There Is ONE Thing that They KNOW | THiS Moment was inevitable | The day when they would touch | And caress | And BE in the Same Space was coming in TRUTH | Now WE are Sharing a Moment that Time | Nor Distance in Space can take from US | HERE Our [ P E A C E ] with it All abounds | Because No OFF switch to THiS exsists | THiS iS US | I Only Kiss HER ‘Goodbye’ | Until the next ‘Hello’ … | …WE are Entangled | Body | Mind | And Soul | And Somewhere Vibrating Between H E R E AND T H E R E | WE are Kissing | Wildly and Passionatelty Remembering as if Time itself had stood still | So if You desire My affection You are forced to compete | And the TellAll | I Told Yall | Is »H E R E « | Where Our lips meet | please, speak easy to gain entry | [ P E A C E ]