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Seek Me Where The Ocean Meets The Sky
In That Place Where Eyes Give Way To Imagination
And Creation Is Appreciated For The Art That It Truly Is
Music Is Found In The Frequency Of Harmony
And We All Sing Together In The Key Of Life
Never Worrying Or Wondering
Simply Confident That We Are Sailing To Peace

Yes Seek Me There Where Meteors Shower And Stars Flower Into Supernovas
Fore Our Sun Is A Mere One Amoung Many
All Connected By Rivers And Oceans Out In Space
Let Us Sail Away Until Our Milky Way Is A Cloud On A Horizon
Raining Down Infinite Limitless Possibilities

Oh Won’t You Come With Me Where Earth Meets Air
And The Waters Of Nebulae Cool Our Fires
Igniting Our Eternal Flame



Fire & Ice

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What can you really say you hate?
                  Life and living leads to hate
And war
                  So warriors must follow
At war the world will kill
                  And take the life
Of the living
                  Living quietly and completely
Completely lost in ignorance
                  Blissfully dying inside their love
Holding close to bullsh!t beliefs
                  Not knowing, never knowing
Faith has to suffice 
                  And at the end of a life
Living blindly
                  Living in love of ignorance
Hating truth
                   Because truth leads to lies
Exposing their lives
                As a lie
So I hate
                   I hate it all
But love is worth it all
                   To love is to truly live
Some truth really exists
                   Right there in bliss
Blissfully knowing the attraction between
                   Energy released and received
Connecting and creating
                   Is our resilience against the lies
Denying the world its right to exploit
                   Because I do because I want to
I love from love’s source
Inside of us
                   Truth in relation to harmony
Balanced by the hand
                   Of the master technician
Moving our soul back
                    Returning to one