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Seek Me Where The Ocean Meets The Sky
In That Place Where Eyes Give Way To Imagination
And Creation Is Appreciated For The Art That It Truly Is
Music Is Found In The Frequency Of Harmony
And We All Sing Together In The Key Of Life
Never Worrying Or Wondering
Simply Confident That We Are Sailing To Peace

Yes Seek Me There Where Meteors Shower And Stars Flower Into Supernovas
Fore Our Sun Is A Mere One Amoung Many
All Connected By Rivers And Oceans Out In Space
Let Us Sail Away Until Our Milky Way Is A Cloud On A Horizon
Raining Down Infinite Limitless Possibilities

Oh Won’t You Come With Me Where Earth Meets Air
And The Waters Of Nebulae Cool Our Fires
Igniting Our Eternal Flame



Now, I Love You….

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Words! Inspired To Rhyme
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Cloudy Sky Spies Rays Of Sunshine
Sun Set To Rise Again
Today Im Remembering Way Back When
And Then It Hit Me
Too Much Time Worrying And Wondering
Will Leave You Presently Bumbling
So Human Being Be Free
Of Mind Body And Soul
Cold From The Cares Of This World
Warm Beside The Sacred Fire
Standing Grounded As Breezes Wisp Around Us
I Have A New Found Love Of

Words are wasted
Filling space with soulless lies to pass the time

Tearing holes in the very fabric of time

To realign truth to self serving desires and dark designs

Creation as pastime for fools splitting air to spill ill will on thirsty ears

Desperate to drown the silence that fear breeds in

Filling bellies with distorted perception; bastard conception unwed to meaning

Leaving just the feeling; the sensation of… releasing

Mis-presenting folly as favor is the curse by design

Exchange Your sorrows for Mine and these demons pass on down the line

Fabled immortal life possesing bodies, invading minds

What one seeks He shall surely find

Naively unaware the prices are too high

Play With Time; Pay With Life

Is the only Law we find in wasting words.

But really how do u take a bullet carelessly shot at you by someone you thought loved you

There’s no preparation for it . . . .

The shooter doesn’t know the extent of the injury they’ve inflicted

The wound is deep & nasty, so much that it even hurts too much to cry…

Or perhaps that’s just because I’ve finally become numb to the pain he inflicts

Look at Me

I am riddled with the bullet holes of promises broken

The bruises of trust repeatedly betrayed

And the knife wounds of insults carelessly hurled

In my face

In my back

At my heart

My heart aches, these heartaches . . .

Rumble til my heart quakes

Flutters violently

Shakes unceasingly

God forbid one day it should just Stop


But perhaps then You’d stop shooting aimlessly

Carelessly ripping me apart

Because I trusted you with my heart

Who would have thought

My own BLOOD would be the one to rip me apart

Tear me down

Leave me to drown

Not care if I’m not found

But what I found was founded in the foundation of my hopes outside of you

Despite all the wrong by me that you didn’t mean to do

I’m gonna make it

Bullet holes


Knife marks and all

My collection of unsightly body art

Telling the story of my damaged heart

Damaged Heart,

Damn it heart

Damn its hard

Damaged it is but  not a Broken Heart

Keep shooting




You can’t take my heart

But you have made my heart

Grow with the tales of my unsightly body art

My heart

Still grows

Without You

Nyame Nti

Open not your heart,
Fore love has its own key,
Its time can not be compromised,
Resist the temptation to ‘fall’,
Fore True Love makes you fly,
With wings of purity sail,
Beyond sky and place,
Past here or now,
Stopping at eternity’s front door,
Enter and rest ‚ąě
Lee Hartwell 6/15/03

So I was driving back from Greenwood this evening and these words just came to me. Who are they in reference to?!? Well if they are YOU’ll know ūüėČ Enjoy…

  1. As I Find My Voice,She Is There To Hear Me Speak, Baby These 1st Words Are To You,They Aren’t Tender Nor Are They Sweet, These Golden 1st Words Are Wrapped In Tears Of Sadness,Of Desire To Speak For So Long, They Were Formed When You And I Were, Made For Me To Say, And YOU To Hear,And YOU Know Them When You Hear Them, Fore They Were Made For YOU, And You’ve Been Longing To Hear Them,Thou They Are Neither Tender, Nor Sweet, They Are Soaked In My Longing And Living To Speak,And They Speak Your Heart And Soul, Because They Resonate To The Vibration Of Your Heart, And The Rhythm Is In Tune,To YOU!!!

She feels for me

And though the love is forbidden
I feen for her too
What a cruel game to play
Distance not measured in space
But in time
And every written line is in sorrow
Sadness of coulds and killer would bes
But we choose to smile in celebration of what IS
Because as unjust as it is
Its not just us
We fight for our seeds survival
And for our own dark desires
How tangled are we
I mean she’s just like me
She’s just wondering if she likes me
Like that brings comfort
As if conflict were soothing
I feel like I’m loosing her
Because she’s fine she slips through my fingers
To love her is easy
But this funny dissonance
Makes the syncopation tricky
Situation sticky
And it SUCKS to think that;
She’s feeling me
But the love is forbidden
So I’m still feening
How very lonely am I
Off Timing…