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M Y S P A C E now

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I am N O T a poet
And I’m probably N O T gonna ‘like’ this facebook post
I D O N T care to ‘r e b l o g’ or ‘s h a r e’ it
And I care N O T to ‘c o m m e n t’
Cause I lost a ‘f r i e n d’ yesterday

And what would c o u n t 4 water works
Seeps deep into this L C D
Leaving U N repairable
U N replacable D A M A G E
It’s fairly obvious I’m hurting
But I swear I’ll n e v e r tell

See my h ea r t
as you w e l l  know
s h h h h
s w o r e me to s e c r e c y a long time ago
And I’ll pluck it O U T before I Let Y o u
(Or anyone else for that matter)
Compromise M y integrity

Although I W I L L admit
I s h o u l d have read the fine print
Before I s i g n e d and f i l l e d out
Only to end up e m p t y inside

Leaving Me to lament on a ‘s m a r t p h o n e’
‘C u t and P a st e’ to an email
’S e n d’ to a blog
That will ‘t w e e t’ it and ‘p o s t’ it
Dispersing my ‘N O T-s o-w e l l-h ea r t’ to the W o r l d W i d e W e b

Now the ‘s p a c e s’ in between that were once so filled with L O V E
Are now l o c k e d far far away
Encryped and password protect
Behind a firewall ) that keeps the hackers O U T

You c a n t know My s e c r e t s
i r e f u s e to ‘share’ them
But I’ll w r a p them in A R T and watch as generations t r y to decipher them

I just w o n t ‘L I K E’ it
Cause I lost a f r i e n d yesterday
And You Betta R E A D it before I ‘R E M O V E’ it


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The Beginning

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It’s a story all about Love & Healing and it is My pleasure to Share it w/ You!!!

“In the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love and only love, can heal brokenness” Christopher Poindexter

A Love Healing

“In the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love and only love, can heal brokenness” Christopher Poindexter

Humans are not made to be alone. Regardless of your religious beliefs, whether Christian, Muslim, Spiritualism, Wiccan, etc. you find that people were created to interact and be loved by other people. In some religions and cultures, it is a physical need only, in others, it is a spiritual need. One thing is for sure: We all want to be loved.

I am writing and sharing this blog to help others who have come from a background of searching for love in all the wrong places come to an understanding of their need to be loved. I will also to share with you all how life has changed now that I have found a love that transcends distance and time and heals me. I pray that each of you…

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Fire & Ice

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What can you really say you hate?
                  Life and living leads to hate
And war
                  So warriors must follow
At war the world will kill
                  And take the life
Of the living
                  Living quietly and completely
Completely lost in ignorance
                  Blissfully dying inside their love
Holding close to bullsh!t beliefs
                  Not knowing, never knowing
Faith has to suffice 
                  And at the end of a life
Living blindly
                  Living in love of ignorance
Hating truth
                   Because truth leads to lies
Exposing their lives
                As a lie
So I hate
                   I hate it all
But love is worth it all
                   To love is to truly live
Some truth really exists
                   Right there in bliss
Blissfully knowing the attraction between
                   Energy released and received
Connecting and creating
                   Is our resilience against the lies
Denying the world its right to exploit
                   Because I do because I want to
I love from love’s source
Inside of us
                   Truth in relation to harmony
Balanced by the hand
                   Of the master technician
Moving our soul back
                    Returning to one




I… am a nerd
But what else would you have me do
Knowledge of Self is hidden in these books
Just takes time to read them through

Skimming through Man’s words
Extracting God’s commands for day-to-day living
These complicated instructions on how not to offend
The proper approach to bring peace and reciprocity in every situation

Might have to ponder a symbol for days
Look at in several different ways
Examining every angle and interpretation takes time
Time I choose to spend pondering principle meanings of life

Some say its time I’m wasting
I say it takes time contemplating complex computations
See I’m studying our mutation from Maat to materialism
Seeking wisdom from sages who stained pages so that I may Know Them
And through Them May Man Know Thyself and knowledge of God’s wealth

Overstand Our spirit has lived as both pauper and prince
A massive circle with no end
The universe swirls as its inhabitants swirl and swim
We’ve been fighting for survival since our conception
Our very first perception of victory was Life itself
A topic seldom discussed and hard to understand
However let me explain…

Matter is neither created nor destroyed
So our energy is simply being shaken and stirred
And of course I’d make a movie reference
I told you I was a nerd looking beyond the words
Seeking instead the passage of time

A passion I’ve developed that’s enveloped my mind
So when I speak I tend to rhyme at times
You may even find a friend and I engaged in spontaneous song and dance
It is just who I Am
A mere man sending praises to God through deeds and diligence

Fore We will be judged in the End
Pleading God Forgive My Sins
Will You be found foe?
In order be called Friend
We hold our order in peacetime
That we may be prepared for war
Ready to repair what damage is done

WE are the ones who stand and fight
We protect and serve our plight
Our very human right to survive
And survive we will
Seeking not to kill yet always ready to defend
When words are spoken proper that we may understand
The message sent is from Brother and Friend

Meant not to offend
And upon reaching destination disseminate information through a chain of command
That All May Overstand
And WE Stand Together As ONE



We are here for but a season
A season come to pass
We some ballers on this court
If he runnin point
Ima Power Forward
Now get back on “D”
See rebels run and gun
Pop in full clip and this militia’s ready
Moment’s Notice
You may have noticed
We some real Gang Starrs round here
Constantly seeking wisdom from the Gurus
Study ancient texts till we personifying Heru
You Set?!
I Defeated You
All Praises Due
Till the end
Where it begins again
We’re essentially just playing pick up games with friends
So when one game ends another begins
We just play the hand we’re dealt
Man these jokers are wild
Knaves will cut your throat, jack
No hearts at all
Now you can play the ace if you must
But I done told you black
I’m cuttin’ that
Sorry those are the odds
They rise and they fall
And to the victor goes the spoils
I mean we all just tryna balance the scales
And live a life we can regal to the young
Catch them before this world makes them cold and numb
And they renege
Cause ain’t no take backs
So gimmie that
Surprise Surprise a pop quiz in class
Close the text books
Enter apprentice to learn to craft these words that awaken the One’s path
Revealing the Kings and Queens
At Last
So Shall It Be


truth can
be used as
a foundation for
a mountain of lies,
and if we dig down deep
enough in the mountain of lies,
and bring out that truth, to set it
on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of
that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a
structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which
the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of
the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to
reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to
follow, awakening even those
people who had no
desire to be
to the