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The Healing Power Of Forgiveness Eloquintly Expressed

Caroline Myss on Forgiveness & Healing


I often say that Bird speaks to me, and then some strange thing like his Granddaughter shows up at my door. “Oh You Know Charlie Parker’s Granddaughter?!” “Does She Play?!” lol No but she does poetry…


Do Ya Thing Homie! Much Love #ase

“Dear Mr Prezident:
We need to have a conversation about the situation that your administration is causing to add to the frustration of me…JAH’s creation. what i propose is an investigation into your legislation to find out why there is such procrastination on the liberation of my people from your domination. i also believe it’s high time for the renovation of your indoctrination, without the replication of the meditation that it’s all about the corporation. our illumination allows us to see your determination to have us in a state of retardation for the instigation of our cooperation…but you offer no REAL compensation, except, the allegation you give n the aggravation you get cuz we REFUSE to go into a mental hibernation. and regardless of our penetration, the saturation of our thoughts to your mind fails cuz your head is hard like the shell of a crustaecean…and your lack of innovation on our HUMAN rights requires some real deliberation. my inclination is that your contemplation does as much good for me as your masturbation, and your flirtation wit the filtration of my peoples’ quality of life will lead to the incubation of warrior people to bring about the menstruation of ALL who OPPRESS, and you’ll then need your litigation skills for your vindication, but there will be NO arbitration, cuz out consternation is greater than the syndication of all you HATERS, and you’ll face all manner of liquidation as the price for your attempts at our destruction. and your ONLY route to avoid more retaliation and move toward restoration…is for YOU mr president to FREE THE MUTHAFUKIN NATION!!!”



I Desire to Kiss HER WiLDLY as if I hadn’t seen HER in Many days | And after As Many nights without, My N E E D For HER takes over My senses | And as the Sensation inspires Me to eloquently pen THiS rememberance | I humbly allow the Experience to delve Deep into Where My PASSION For HER resides | Breathing Deeply as formless faces gravitate Together |Blurring as Unbridled Intimacy sweeps through Our bodies | Taking US | To THERE | Where monsterous nightmares grow from the kind of darkness that Only THIS Kind of Tender Devotion can Cause to Shine | »H E R E « | Where Our eyes have met and Our lips exchange hellos and goodbyes | [ S E E ] There Is ONE Thing that They KNOW | THiS Moment was inevitable | The day when they would touch | And caress | And BE in the Same Space was coming in TRUTH | Now WE are Sharing a Moment that Time | Nor Distance in Space can take from US | HERE Our [ P E A C E ] with it All abounds | Because No OFF switch to THiS exsists | THiS iS US | I Only Kiss HER ‘Goodbye’ | Until the next ‘Hello’ 
WE are Entangled | Body | Mind | And Soul | And Somewhere Vibrating Between H E R E AND T H E R E | WE are Kissing | Wildly and Passionatelty Remembering as if Time itself had stood still | So if You desire My affection You are forced to compete | And the TellAll | I Told Yall | Is »H E R E « | Where Our lips meet | please, speak easy to gain entry | [ P E A C E ]

Okay I know I haven’t really submitted many Blog Posts recently, but this video was so good I had to Blog it!!! So often times we concern ourselves too heavily with treating the symptoms instead of locating and targeting the actual ‘dis-ease’. This video is Part I of IV and they are relatively short. It would be well worth the time to check it out if you have any interest in medicine or healing. Many thanks to Pysces Moon for the FB post; Peace and Blessings to All!

“It is never a question of belief; the only scientific attitude one can take onany subject is whether it is true. The law of gravitation worked as efficiently before Newton as after him. The cosmos would be fairly chaotic if its laws could not operate without the sanction of human belief.”  -Sri Yukteswar


Posted: June 17, 2009 in Muse

You asked for it, you got it!!! Many have asked me why I don’t write, or why I don’t do poetry, or even BLOG…

All a man needs is a MUSE, special thanks goes out to Sable!!! Peace and Blessings unto you and I KNOW tomorrow’s small challenge will neither stress you or hinder you in ANY way… You are stronger than you know… and YEAH, its just good to hear it (or in this case read it LoL)

SO, what can you all expect from this BLOG? More Room For Randomness LoL… I apparently have A LOT to say so lets just see where this goes… Until Next We BLOG Hetepu.