Words are wasted
Filling space with soulless lies to pass the time

Tearing holes in the very fabric of time

To realign truth to self serving desires and dark designs

Creation as pastime for fools splitting air to spill ill will on thirsty ears

Desperate to drown the silence that fear breeds in

Filling bellies with distorted perception; bastard conception unwed to meaning

Leaving just the feeling; the sensation of… releasing

Mis-presenting folly as favor is the curse by design

Exchange Your sorrows for Mine and these demons pass on down the line

Fabled immortal life possesing bodies, invading minds

What one seeks He shall surely find

Naively unaware the prices are too high

Play With Time; Pay With Life

Is the only Law we find in wasting words.


M Y S P A C E now

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I am N O T a poet
And I’m probably N O T gonna ‘like’ this facebook post
I D O N T care to ‘r e b l o g’ or ‘s h a r e’ it
And I care N O T to ‘c o m m e n t’
Cause I lost a ‘f r i e n d’ yesterday

And what would c o u n t 4 water works
Seeps deep into this L C D
Leaving U N repairable
U N replacable D A M A G E
It’s fairly obvious I’m hurting
But I swear I’ll n e v e r tell

See my h ea r t
as you w e l l  know
s h h h h
s w o r e me to s e c r e c y a long time ago
And I’ll pluck it O U T before I Let Y o u
(Or anyone else for that matter)
Compromise M y integrity

Although I W I L L admit
I s h o u l d have read the fine print
Before I s i g n e d and f i l l e d out
Only to end up e m p t y inside

Leaving Me to lament on a ‘s m a r t p h o n e’
‘C u t and P a st e’ to an email
’S e n d’ to a blog
That will ‘t w e e t’ it and ‘p o s t’ it
Dispersing my ‘N O T-s o-w e l l-h ea r t’ to the W o r l d W i d e W e b

Now the ‘s p a c e s’ in between that were once so filled with L O V E
Are now l o c k e d far far away
Encryped and password protect
Behind a firewall ) that keeps the hackers O U T

You c a n t know My s e c r e t s
i r e f u s e to ‘share’ them
But I’ll w r a p them in A R T and watch as generations t r y to decipher them

I just w o n t ‘L I K E’ it
Cause I lost a f r i e n d yesterday
And You Betta R E A D it before I ‘R E M O V E’ it

The Healing Power Of Forgiveness Eloquintly Expressed

Caroline Myss on Forgiveness & Healing

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The Beginning

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It’s a story all about Love & Healing and it is My pleasure to Share it w/ You!!!

“In the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love and only love, can heal brokenness” Christopher Poindexter

A Love Healing

“In the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love and only love, can heal brokenness” Christopher Poindexter

Humans are not made to be alone. Regardless of your religious beliefs, whether Christian, Muslim, Spiritualism, Wiccan, etc. you find that people were created to interact and be loved by other people. In some religions and cultures, it is a physical need only, in others, it is a spiritual need. One thing is for sure: We all want to be loved.

I am writing and sharing this blog to help others who have come from a background of searching for love in all the wrong places come to an understanding of their need to be loved. I will also to share with you all how life has changed now that I have found a love that transcends distance and time and heals me. I pray that each of you…

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I often say that Bird speaks to me, and then some strange thing like his Granddaughter shows up at my door. “Oh You Know Charlie Parker’s Granddaughter?!” “Does She Play?!” lol No but she does poetry…


Do Ya Thing Homie! Much Love #ase

“Dear Mr Prezident:
We need to have a conversation about the situation that your administration is causing to add to the frustration of me…JAH’s creation. what i propose is an investigation into your legislation to find out why there is such procrastination on the liberation of my people from your domination. i also believe it’s high time for the renovation of your indoctrination, without the replication of the meditation that it’s all about the corporation. our illumination allows us to see your determination to have us in a state of retardation for the instigation of our cooperation…but you offer no REAL compensation, except, the allegation you give n the aggravation you get cuz we REFUSE to go into a mental hibernation. and regardless of our penetration, the saturation of our thoughts to your mind fails cuz your head is hard like the shell of a crustaecean…and your lack of innovation on our HUMAN rights requires some real deliberation. my inclination is that your contemplation does as much good for me as your masturbation, and your flirtation wit the filtration of my peoples’ quality of life will lead to the incubation of warrior people to bring about the menstruation of ALL who OPPRESS, and you’ll then need your litigation skills for your vindication, but there will be NO arbitration, cuz out consternation is greater than the syndication of all you HATERS, and you’ll face all manner of liquidation as the price for your attempts at our destruction. and your ONLY route to avoid more retaliation and move toward restoration…is for YOU mr president to FREE THE MUTHAFUKIN NATION!!!”

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Seek Me Where The Ocean Meets The Sky
In That Place Where Eyes Give Way To Imagination
And Creation Is Appreciated For The Art That It Truly Is
Music Is Found In The Frequency Of Harmony
And We All Sing Together In The Key Of Life
Never Worrying Or Wondering
Simply Confident That We Are Sailing To Peace

Yes Seek Me There Where Meteors Shower And Stars Flower Into Supernovas
Fore Our Sun Is A Mere One Amoung Many
All Connected By Rivers And Oceans Out In Space
Let Us Sail Away Until Our Milky Way Is A Cloud On A Horizon
Raining Down Infinite Limitless Possibilities

Oh Won’t You Come With Me Where Earth Meets Air
And The Waters Of Nebulae Cool Our Fires
Igniting Our Eternal Flame


Now, I Love You….

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Cloudy Sky Spies Rays Of Sunshine
Sun Set To Rise Again
Today Im Remembering Way Back When
And Then It Hit Me
Too Much Time Worrying And Wondering
Will Leave You Presently Bumbling
So Human Being Be Free
Of Mind Body And Soul
Cold From The Cares Of This World
Warm Beside The Sacred Fire
Standing Grounded As Breezes Wisp Around Us
I Have A New Found Love Of